Sahar Khan

Director of Marketing , Bayut and dubizzle

Sahar Khan is the visionary Director of Marketing at Bayut & dubizzle who has successfully created waves within the region's marketing and communications space by spearheading and conceptualising highly successful campaigns in the region, including the most memorable Bayut commercial featuring Hollywood heavyweight Chris Hemsworth as the face of Bayut in 2019.   A consummate storyteller, Sahar has always used a narrative-driven approach to cement her company's position in the market. She has an astute understanding of 360 marketing and understands the importance of driving clear, concise messaging that resonates with the various different demographics in the UAE. While building the profile of both Bayut & dubizzle through various innovative marketing activities, Sahar has also left no stone unturned to build her team of accomplished marketers, content specialists, designers, SEO experts, event planners and PR & communication professionals. A mentor and guide to her team, she places a high level of importance on creating an environment of mutual respect and camaraderie, where ideas are shared freely and every team member's inputs are valued.   An extremely driven and passionately creative marketer, Sahar has been recognised with several internal and external accolades including the Storyteller Award for Top Marketing and Communications Executives, by Forbes Middle East. A strong advocate of content marketing, Sahar has been successful in building a marketing powerhouse within Bayut and dubizzle that has launched a variety of successful editorial projects including the MyBayut blog, the dubizzle cars and property blogs and a series of unique Area, School and Building Guides. The combined visibility of these resources produce millions of sessions every month!   In short, her visionary leadership, commitment to creativity and fearless dynamism have put both Bayut & dubizzle on the map, and with the help of a strong team, she's no where close to slowing down anytime soon.