Manoj Khimji

Managing Director , The MediaVantage

Manoj Khimji is the MD of the TMV Group - comprising The MediaVantage, The TechVantage, and The SportVantage businesses. Throughout his 20 years in the MENA region, he has built key relationships which have bridged the gap between global media and the objectives of MENA clients as they strive to have their messages heard around the world. A firm supporter of the region and its growth story, Manoj has pushed the boundaries of the traditional perception of the Middle East and continually sought new avenues for the region to explore on the world stage. He has been responsible for representing some of the biggest media brands here, including the likes of the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Insider, Reuters, Fox Networks, TIME, Politico, The Times, TED, Harrods plus others. The work of the TMV Group is key to ensuring the right narrative of the MENA region is being heard globally.

What tip would you give to entrants when they are creating their entry?

Bring your success to life! Think about the creation of your entry, use verified data, testimonials, and have fun revisiting the work you've done.